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Knowledge Capture Using ProCarta

An aging workforce requires effective knowledge capture (KC) to codify and retain important operational and policy decision-making processes for use by new generations of workers.  Traditional tools, such as flow charters (Visio) and process modelers (ProVision) were developed from an IT perspective and while they may excel at system capture and redesign, their output is not especially user friendly for the general population of knowledge workers.

Then there is ProCarta... 

We consider ProCarta a "killer" solution for knowledge capture, for several reasons:

  • It is focused and powerful.  Smart business analysts can take the tool into any organization and effectively execute KC.
  • It avoids distracting bells and whistles, concentrating instead on capturing the processes, policies, and decision-making steps inside peoples' heads and at risk of being lost.
  • It rapidly builds browser-based process documentation, known as Guided Execution Maps, at the touch of a button.  GEMS are portable and do not require involving an IT organization for creation or distribution.
  • All the common knowledge capture techniques - interview, shadow, group session, documentation review - are facilitated by ProCarta.  The tool never gets in the way of KC activities.

ProCarta is a business partner of Precise Prose.  We market the ProCarta tool, train clients on its use, and we use ProCarta extensively for our own business process improvement, documentation, and policy development projects.


A great example of ProCarta in use can be seen at


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