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Working with Precise Prose has been a fantastic experience. The creation of unique content for our website has been a simple and rewarding process. We simply send them topics and they return creative articles that are both interesting and informative for our readership.
Rob Balander, Capital District FSBO


  Some people prefer dying to technical writing.  Are you one of them ?

When the task is writing a thank you note to Grandma, the stakes aren't particularly high (unless Grandma is unusually wealthy). But when the success of your project... or your entire business... is at stake, precise prose is critical.

  Can your business thrive if your communication doesn't?

Precise Prose specializes in writing about technology.  We explain, market, and help manage your technology.  We create a wide range of technical communication solutions, ranging from IT procurement contracts to health care policy analysis to marketing brochures.

Precise Prose is

  • carefully crafted to attract the attention you want from the audience you need
  • smooth and easy to read
  • hard to ignore
  • harder to forget

Effective technical communication requires skill, talent, and sensitivity to the client. Transplanting a concept doesn't just happen – it must be conveyed with memorable prose. Let our professional writers solve your technical writing needs today. We're fast, experienced, and smart.

  Outsource your technical writing to Precise Prose and quit worrying.


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